This digital strategy proposal for Graduate Fashion Week highlights the different stages for a successful event. This can be done by proposing new ideas on how to increase the awareness of the event through different sectors.

One aspect of these is the increased use of social influences, which will raise the awareness to the general public that follows them. Other strategies include working alongside Social Chain, who have a huge impressive online because they own 400 media communities with a real of 305,000,000 over different media platforms. Nando’s Art Initiative are getting involved with the creative scene and would be an excellent sponsor for Graduate Fashion Week.

Other sponsors that are recommended are magazines, such as Vogue or Glamour. However, the Style on Sunday would be the most promising of the magazine sponsors because this could stretch onto different media platforms with the collaboration with Pandora Sykes who is a major social influence, a columnist as wardrobe mistress for The Style on Sunday and has a podcast called PanDolly with Dolly Alderton.

Other aspects of this proposal to increase the awareness of Graduate Fashion Week is for other creative courses to get involved. This can be done by introducing competitions for the graphic designers to create a logo each year. Technical students can get involved with stage production or music for the fashion shows. This would increase the audience for Graduate Fashion Week because they would be involved, which would, in turn, broaden to their friends and family.

With the increase of job opportunities will also benefit Graduate Fashion Week because with more companies coming in, it will raise awareness in the professional world, which could mean that more professionals will want to come to Graduate Fashion Week to seek out the newest designers.

Prolonging the event, through creating an exhibition of the award winner’s collections would also widen the audience because people would go to the exhibition even if they were unaware of the event. It would also allow employers and industry professionals to view the collections, even if they could not make it to Graduate Fashion Week.

It is important for social media to be monitored before, during and after the event because it is an interesting way to measure how involved the public are with the event. If the numbers have increased from 2016’s figures, then it would conclude that the use of social influences and Social Chain has promoted Graduate Fashion Week more successfully that it has done in previous years.


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