PRE EVENT // Universities

In 2016 40 leading universities and 23 international universities were involved in Graduate Fashion Week. It is important that all universities are involved, so that they are can showcase their talent and get the recognition that is deserved. One way that this can be done is for the students to be fully aware of what Graduate Fashion Week is, and how they can get involved. Previous graduate students that have participated in the past could showcase their designs in their university or share their experiences of the events in talks or presentations.

Other things that could be done is to widen the audience within the universities, the event is a major platform to industry so not include different courses instead of just design. In the lead up to the event, they could have competitions for the graphics or illustration students to design a logo for the event to showcase their abilities. This would furthermore increase the awareness of Graduate Fashion Week.

Universities could collaborate their students together, by allowing the students to unite together to push themselves. The design students could would with the photography students, the videographers, the graphics students, artists or the curators to show their designs in a new light. This could be done through a video, which they could upload to social media in the preparation to Graduate Fashion Show. This would lead to free advertising, as well as acknowledgement of more students. They could also take their presentation to the next level by using a variety of different methods such as augmented reality or virtual reality. This would show their creativity and push the boundaries by acknowledging the fast-moving pace of the fashion industry.

Part of the reason why Graduate Fashion Week is such a success is that it pushes the boundaries of design in young individuals, and part of the reason why this is the case is through exclusive university competitions where the students can thrive off the rivalry.

The universities themselves can show off their talent, by doing a collaborating video in the lead up of the event, allowing them to give a teaser of what the students will be bringing to Graduate Fashion Week. This can then be streamed onto different forms of social media so that the spectators or industry types have something to look forward to. This is also free advertising for Graduate Fashion Week because they can be uploading fresh new material on their webpage and on their social media platforms.



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