PRE EVENT // Sponsors


2016 Sponsors


2016 Sponsors

Ethical Fashion Forum Oracle
Fashion Scout M&S
Propress Tu Sainsbury’s
Cano Water Asos
Bags of Ethics Boohoo
Cult Events Debenhams
Vogue Talents George
N Brown Group PLC
New Look
Karen Milen
Ace Hotel London
Boux Avenue
Design Surgery Mannequin
Gap Inc.
Inner City Group
Lipsy London
Little Black Dress
Sophie Halette
Wilson James

Recommended Sponsors for 2017


Social Chain is a Social media Agency based in Manchester, New York and in Berlin, where they own 400 media communities, where they can reach 305,000,000 through different social media feeds such as Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Snapchat, Youtube, Vimeo…. They are just coming up to their second year and are always looking for more ways to spread the word and create more channels. Through their involvement, they would manage to create an overwhelming buzz around Graduate Fashion Week through all the different communities that they are a part of. One Tactic that they have used in the past to connect with individuals on social media is through the use of “Treasure Hunts” where they become physically involved, where people go around the city and find clues to the final destination. Other campaigns they have been involved with was the BOOHOO Man. When it first launched, they went “Facebook Live” with a giant balloon, which was blown up a bit more each time an individual commented on the post, when finally, it burst on top of a BOOHOO Man. The response to this created a huge buzz and created a huge stream to the website.

– Magazines such as Glamour/Vogue/Style on Sunday – 

One way of raising awareness of Graduate Fashion Week would be to have a sponsor of a magazine which is highly committed to fashion and growing fashion industry students. Therefore, magazines such as Glamour, Vogue or the Style Magazine on Sunday would be excellent choices because they have a large reach and are invested in opportunities.


Glamour has been the “biggest selling women’s lifestyle magazine in the UK and in Europe since its launch in 2001” has a total average paid circulation of 2,397,508 of who are 16-25 women who have an interest in fashion (Conde Nast International, UK, Glamour). Therefore, through their sponsorship and promotion, would raise awareness to younger generation who are still at school or university, which would inspire them to get involved with Graduate Fashion Week but it might also reach the industry professionals who are looking for new designers to work within their team so would buy a ticket to check out who the next up and coming are. Jo Elvin and her team at Glamour have recently set up a Podcast “Hey, It’s OK” with iTunes which would reach another market, which would further raise the awareness for Graduate Fashion Week.


Vogue is the “pre-eminent fashion magazine” (Conde Nast, UK, Vogue), where they define fashion in print, through their website, apps and in their magazine. They already sponsor Graduate Fashion Week through their Vogue Talent, but to make it more beneficial the magazine should be more involved. Through their involvement, they would widely broaden the reach and participation of the individuals who read their magazines.


 Style Magazine on Sunday would be a great sponsor for Graduate Fashion Week. It is the Sunday magazine for The Telegraph, which has a reach of 1.4 million readers each Sunday. With their cooperation, they would reach a wider demographic because it would reach a more dynamic audience. The “Style Mistress” Pandora Sykes is a huge social influencer with 642 unique visitors every day with 1.28k daily views. If she was involved and came to Graduate Fashion Week as an advocate for The Sunday Time Style, then a lot more people would be engaged. Every Thursday, she releases her Podcast, sponsored by River Island, the PanDolly Podcast with Dolly Alderton, the relationship columnist also in the Sunday Times Style, where they mention, fashion, news and everything in-between.

logo_masthead Over the last year, Nando’s have been involved in a lot of research into their new project, where they want to help young creatives thrive in the increasingly challenging world. They have been up and down the country, speaking independently to university individuals, trying to find out what they would find useful and how they could help with projects and how to get involved. This would be the perfect opportunity to announce to the industry their involvement. At the moment, they are starting small with the Nando’s Art Initiative, where they are nurturing Malaysian Talents while “giving them the platform to express themselves freely” (Nando’s Art Initiative, 2016). They have divided up the competition into fine art or digital art with prizes including mentoring, exhibition spaces, cash and Nando’s vouchers. If they became involved with Graduate Fashion Week then it would be known they want to get involved, and they would also be able to set up a stall for everyone involved to eat some Peri Peri Chicken.

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