In recent years, there has been a rise in the consumer wanting authenticity and familiarity from brands and companies, which has led to the rise in “consumers-turned-digital personalities” (Fashion/Beauty Monitor, 2016). More traditionally, influencers would have been the media, A-list celebrities, and high industry experts telling the consumer what to buy, however, in the past years there has been a change, which is evident through the trickle up effect where the consumer is now telling brands what they want and who they want to see. This has had a major effect on the type of influencer that brands tend to choose as their ambassador’s, they are more likely to choose familiar faces such as YouTube Bloggers or Instagram influencers. One reason the consumer’s like to see these independent bloggers are that they ultimately have the freedom to choose what content they post due to whether they actually like the brand and want to be affiliated with it, rather than just choosing the brand to get paid. The digital age has influenced the change of this kind of influencer because they have instant access to their follower’s, which if promoting a product will reach them instantly in any format, making them more instantly desirable. Something Navy blogger Arielle Charnas used the social media brand Snapchat to promote Yves Saint Laurent Mascara Volume, which sold 442 units in 24 hours, driving $13,500 in sales (Strugatz, R. 2016).

The Advantage of having this new wave of social media influencer’s are that it is great publicity for the event but also for the graduate designer’s that are creating their collections. Both brands and consumers will be interested in what they see through their social media, which will get the public talking about the garments and well as generating effective press. Table 1 has a chart of the possible influencer’s, which be beneficial to have at the Graduate Fashion Show.



Susie Lau Style Bubble LDN Style Blogger, LVMH prizes expert panel 310K Followers
Bryan grey Yambao BryanBoy LDN One of the first bloggers to achieve celebrity status 519,000 followers on Twitter
Chiara Ferragni The Blonde Salad Italy and USA Shoe line, blogger, amazon fashion Europe, ambassador of Pantene 5.6 million Instagram
Leandra Medine Man Repeller N/A Podcast, award winning multimedia fashion business 1.5 Million Instagram
Pandora Sykes N/A LDN Sunday Times Style fashion features editor, and wardrobe mistress, Podcast (Pandolly) 115K Instagran
Julie Sarinana Sincerely Jules N/A Blogger, creative director of the shop Sincerely Jules 2.3 Million Instagram
Danielle Bernstein WeWoreWhat NY Blogger 1.4 Million
Alexa Chung N/A LDN British fashion model, television presenter, and contributing editor at British Vogue. M&S collaboration 2.5 Million Instagram
Olivia Palermo N/A NY American Socialite, blogger, street style 25.2k Instagram
Lily Rose Depp N/A USA Face of Chanel no5 2.2 Million
Gala Gonzalez Amul by Gala Gonzalez N/A Model, Blogger, DJ 728K
Miroslava Duma N/A Russia Smart, friends with Karl Lagerfeld. “My squad are the chief executives of fashion and tech communications and the coolest tech nerds” 1.4 Million Instagram
Aimee Song Song of Style LA A fashion and interior design Blogger / YouTuber featuring videos focused on fashion, design inspiration, DIY and more. 3.4 Million Instagram
Kristina Bazan Kayture Switzerland Model/Blogger. L’Oréal Paris ambassador. Dior, Balmain, Louis Vuitton, Valentino 2 Million Subscribers

2.3 Million Instagram

Eugenie Grey Feral Creature LA/NY Fashion, beauty, travel

Buzzfeed, Yahoo, Refinery29

Collaboration: H&M, American Apparel, Calvin Klein, Benefit Cosmetics

Sita Abellan Sitaabellan LA/NY/


“Techno princess”

Modern day muse, model, DJ,  Street Style Star

In Rihanna’s Bitch Better Have My Money video

Walked for Moschino

Jenny Walton Jennymwalton NY Markers and Microns. Major street style icon, Boyfriend the Satorialist (Scott Schuman) 102,000
Naomi Shimada Naomishimada LDN Model, filmmaker, columnist for Instyle UK. Body positive activist. ID- Dazed “Youth Movement filled with positive vibes” Monki & Selfridges 24,200

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