After the event, it is important to follow up with all the sponsors. This can be done in a variety of ways including checking in the sponsors to see their reports for any comments, and if everything went satisfactorily. It is also imperative that they feel welcome and that we have down our part to make the audience aware that they were a big part of the Graduate Fashion Week experience. This can be done by thanking them on the various social media platforms.





Social Media

At the end of the event, it is important to round up all the blog and social media posts where Graduate Fashion Week has been mentioned because then a general census can be formed on how well it has been promoted. View table 1 for statistics on social media in 2016. Rounding up all the posts will also allow for more interesting content to be scheduled by the Graduate Fashion Week team, because instead of thinking up original content the whole time, they can reuse the content that is already there. This relates back to keeping contact with individuals because they will feel happy that their posts are unique by being on the official Graduate Fashion Week platforms.

Check out the timeline for more details on when content will be posted.

2016 Statistics.

twitter_bird_logo_2012-svg Impressions: 1,00,200

Profile visits: 64,800

Mentions: 2,262

Tweets: 913

instagram-v051916_200 Followers Gained: 1828

Photos Shared: 338

Likes: 29,817

Comments: 641

#GFW25 Impact: 4,376,053


ncsd46sn(Launched April 2016) Visits: 44,845

Page Views: 146,752

Audience Size: 26,559


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