DURING // The Event

During Graduate Fashion Week, there are two different aspect that needs to be considered: during the day where the graduates are showing off their creations, and then the other side is the hospitality. Both are important for the whole aesthetics of the event, but they should be contemplated separately.

Industry Morning

This is important because this is when people from industry give talks, where they would not usually. This is excellent insight, and one of the reasons why Graduate Fashion Week is so good. The promotion for this needs to be thorough because we do not want times getting mixed up or people not knowing if the event is taking place. This is a great opportunity to use the GFW social media platforms.



The VIP’s at the event are likely to be famous designers such as Vivienne Westwood, Christopher Bailey and much more, so they would want a place they can retreat to where they can relax and will not be bombarded. This area should have their own bar and some stalls for food. This area should also have some live music as well.



This is where the all the graduates present their final collections. It will need to be in a large space where everyone will have enough room to present their garments how they want to. Some of the designers might have new ideas that include Augmented reality or virtual reality so it should be equipped with enough plug sockets and room to fit all variations in.

To make it more aesthetically pleasing there should also have a live music option, maybe music students can get involved and perform there throughout the event. On the opening night, they might be able to get a celebrity to showcase. Alesha Dixon is already involved with Graduate Fashion Week with sponsorship so she might want to get involved.

Award shows

The award show will be at the end of the event after all the catwalks and presentations have been. This should be a celebration and therefore a highlight for the whole event. This can be done by having performances or talks in-between the different awards. It would also be great to have previous alumni of Graduate Fashion Week to talk or have a little video of what they have done since the Graduate Fashion Show. There should be some nibbles that could be passed around during the event.

Catwalk shows and presentations

This is where the graduates display their collections, therefore it needs to cater for all the different themes that might occur. This includes all the appropriate lighting and music technicians. There should be in-house photographers to get professional images, who could be chosen photography students from universities, to keep the price down and to allow them to build up their portfolio. There needs to be a clear schedule so that nothing gets delayed or overruns.

If there are many presentations, there needs to be clear space, where if they have props such as curtains, or blocks, then they can be easily removed and put up in time for the next presentation to be afterwards.


Bar and cafe/ Drinks Reception

There will be a selection of different stalls to satisfy everyone. If Nando’s is a sponsor then they should have a big stall, which they could then have a corner, with seats, where they could talk about their creative projects. There will also be other catering stalls as well to cater to everyone, vegetarian, vegan, gluten free and so on.

It would be great to have a yard sort of effect, where they could have all the stalls on the outside then a seating area in the middle. The Bar section will be located on one side, where they could have a selection of drinks: Cider, Beer, Wine, Cocktails and Spirits. New Amsterdam, who provide Vodka and Gin could do a collaboration with Graduate Fashion Week where they art students could enter a competition before the event to design on the bottles. The final three could be selected on the bottles, and could even make their own special cocktails which they could serve during the event.


Branding is very important because it is advertising itself; if people did not know what Graduate Fashion Week was, then they would be intrigued to find out what it was. If the logo was designed by a graphics or illustration student, then that should be celebrated by posting it everywhere; The goodie bags, on the walls, outside the building, on all the flyers, on the tickets and on posters. Graduates and their guests will want to take pictures showing where they are, and if there is a strong logo, then they will take pictures with that.

After Party

The after party should be a celebration for everyone that has taken part in the event. The Alcohol Brand New Amsterdam will be present with the designs from the graduates on the bottles. There will be other options of alcohol present as well. There should be a good sound system with some DJ’s there and room to dance. They could project videos, that have been filmed throughout Graduate Fashion Week, onto the walls.


Backstage needs to be very organised because it is going to be very busy and chaotic with all the different designers and their models. This can be done by having stewards walking around making sure everything is going to plan, and where the graduates are, and where they need to be. There should be a small VIP area where the celebrities can start if they are needed on stage where it would be less disorganised. There should be a table where there are water and something small to eat to reduce the chances of a model feeling faint or passing out on stage.


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