DURING // Social Media Platforms

It is important that before, during and after, there is sufficient coverage of the event on all different forms of social media to get awareness out of Graduate Fashion Week.

There are many different forms of social media, so it is important that it transcribes onto different platforms so different individuals are reached.

fb-artFACEBOOK – Facebook has 18 billion daily active users, of who 1.09 billion are active on their mobiles daily. 100 million hours of video is watched on Facebook daily. Facebook accounts for more than 65% of the total social network and there are 50 million active business pages (101 Essential Social Media Statistics for 2016)

The Graduate Fashion Week page must be up to date with exciting and fresh content so that it can be shared and people are aware of it. This will be an excellent tool if used correctly nearer the time of the event. The graduates can share the page with their friends and family, to show what they are working towards, and then they can share it with their own friends. Nearer the time of the event, they are share behinds the scenes footage of that is to come with the event. For example, videos that the universities have submitted of the work, the celebrities that will be there, the talks that will be given, the sponsors that will be there with their stalls. By sharing this content, they will be creating a buzz of excitement around the visitors that will be attending.

fblive-logoFacebook Live is a great tool because everyone that follows them can see if they post live, this creates interest and makes the audience feel unique that they are seeing it. This could be used for behind the scene footage of the event, or during a talk with celebrities. This would create a buzz, and may, in turn, get individuals to buy a ticket.

snapchat-logo-2d9c3e7ada-seeklogo-comSNAPCHAT – Snapchat is growing to the most used platform in Britain, it is estimated that 150 million people now use Snapchat daily with 9,000 snaps shared every second. Their projected 2017 ad revenue is $925.46 million (Smith, C. 2016). One way that this could be used, is to create their own Snapchat Story, where individuals can send in their own videos of the event, which is free advertising for Graduate Fashion Week. They could also create their own filter, which could be designed in a competition for graphic or illustration students, so that even if the participants are not at the event they would still be aware of the logo.

instagram-v051916_200INSTAGRAM – Instagram is a highly visual form of social media, which is important because the types of individuals who are likely to be following Graduate Fashion Week on Instagram will be creative, visual people. 32% of the internet users use Instagram, with 95M Instagram photos/ videos are uploaded daily. Instagram is most used by 18-29-year-olds which are the age bracket which is similar to Graduate Fashion Week. This will be a great social media tool because the eye-catching content that will be used will allow the Instagrammers to see a Snapchat of what it is like at Graduate Fashion Week and at the lead up of the event. With their new techniques, such as Boomerang or Instagram stories it has become easier than ever to showcase and spread the world through Instagram. The use of hashtags is also extremely important because it can direct traffic to the Instagram page. #Graduatefashionweek #GFW #wearegraduateFashion

twitter_bird_logo_2012-svgTWITTER @officialGFW – Twitter is a great way of communicating with individuals on a social media platform. 317 million monthly active users in 2016. 24% of adults use twitter. Every second, on average around 6,000 tweets are tweeted on twitter, which corresponds to over 350,000 tweets send per minute. 54% of users said that they have taken an action after seeing brand mentions. 77% of users who receive a reply from a brand feel more positively towards that brand, therefore interns could be hired for the event, where their main focus is Twitter, where they could upload content, and reply to messages and retweets.

download-1GOOGLE + 375 million users predominately male – 73.7% users. 70% of all brands have a presence on google +. Google+ is not a main social media platform for students or individuals, however, companies and entities overseas use this as a form of sharing posts with each other and keeping informed with businesses. This could be used as a more professional tool with similar posts as the other platforms.




YOUTUBE – more than 1000 million users active users. 6 billion hours of videos are being watched monthly.400 hours of video are uploaded to youtube every minute. 22% of social media marketers surveyed point to video as the most effective content medium


ncsd46snWEBPAGE – the Graduate Fashion Week website needs to be very easy to navigate with all the information that is necessary for those looking for tickets and keeping updating with important news. The website currently is very fast paced due to the constant moving images when first on the page. This should be slowed down, so the audience has time to look at the beautiful images that are on the page. They currently have a tab where they have all the sponsors, but they would increase this by being able to click on all the icons which would link them to the page. They should create a tab where they mention about alumni of previous Fashion Graduate Week designers to show where they are now, what they are doing.

Infographic on the uses of social media. Leveragenewagemedia.com (2016)



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