Welcome to my Digital Promotion Plan for Graduate Fashion Week. I am currently studying International Fashion Promotion, in my Second Year at Manchester Metropolitan University. This is my proposal for Graduate Fashion Week for my course for Digital Promotion. This is not the real method that would be used for the event in April, but would I would do, if it had been up to me.

This project was a struggle for me because we were left to our own devices, with very little advice about our structure and the necessary criteria for us to hit the marks.  Overall, it has let me with a great insight into planning a major event.

As you work your way around this site, it will become evident I have organised the different section by pre-event, during the event and after the event. These have then been divided into sub-sections where I focus on the different aspects of what I thought would be relevant for having a successful event at Graduate Fashion Week.

Graduate Fashion Week has celebrated its 25th anniversary and “is one of the world’s most important sources of new talent for the global design industry.”

Enjoy, Sophie x